Hotel SIMENON ***

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Hotel SIMENON lies in Outre-Meuse (literally "over the Meuse") the part of town that has always been known for its rebellious mind and true love of old traditions.
Tchantchès is their local  hero, a puppet on a string which is all but that.

simenon2.jpg (8968 bytes)An anniversary to celebrate, your wedding-night; you want to do business in perfect surroundings ? You will certainly be left with fond memories of Liège.

A hotel like no other : 4 rooms and 7 suites, all fully decorated following the style of different Simenon novels : hardback editions for a paperbackprice.

A breakfast to remember, or a hot sandwich you'll never forget : Les Jardins de l'Hôtel SIMENON was created just for that. If you're looking for a treat however, try one of the homemade ice-creams, 14 of which have been named after Maigret, whose pipe and hat will remind you of this experience forever after.