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HOTELS in LIÈGE (Blègny)

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If you are looking for : 

  • A wonderful spot, not very far away from home, where you can organise your company meetings or some business lunches; 
  • A peaceful place, easily accessible to anybody and providing a vast car park; 
  • An up-to-date restaurant that has preserved the greatness of its past as well as its authenticity where you will really amaze your guests;
  • Providing you with every modern comfort for a very nice price and a place you will really look forward to coming back.

We propose you the Hotel BARBOTHEZ and the Restaurant La Source, nestling in a bosky bower. A team of professionals cares for you and provides you with an impeccable service.
According to Damiano from the Chapeau magazine, our excellent cooking is one star worth.

If you prefer to combine your stay with open air activities, we can arrange for you to go for a walk through the undulating countryside all around or to take part in some golf clinics or even to enjoy some downhill mountain bike. As you can see, the possibilities are numerous and varied and it will be a pleasure for us to plan them for you.

Nowadays we have to calculate accurately the costs that this stay will imply for your company. That's why we can assert that you will be fully satisfied with this high quality offer for such a nice price.

Our presentation and our service will be your assets. Indeed, our customers' satisfaction is a must for us.

I am looking forward to hearing from you and hope you will rank among our customers very soon.

Rue Entre Deux Bois 55
4670 Blègny
GPS address: rue Vleureux Champs, Cerexhe Heuseux Soumange

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