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Reception and service under the Toucan’s bill

An infrastructure of 80 rooms on five floors at the heart of a 1.5 ha area: ideally located along the A54 motorway which leads to Nivelles, the ambition of "Charleroi Airport Hotel" is to meet the expectations of an exacting and varied business clientele. In a second phase, a further 80 rooms ought to strengthen a complex which is destined to become a first-rate regional partner.

The hotel, which offers all service infrastructures which contemporary and busy clients have the right to expect, was designed to ensure its visitors a maximum comfort level. Benefiting from the presence of a pleasant restaurant, "Charleroi Airport Hotel" has huge seminar halls fitted with the most up-to-date equipment and translation booths. Excellent opportunities to go for walks and an impressive fitness room enable the most to be made of well-deserved leisure time.

The new complex, which is extremely close to rapidly expanding business areas such as Gosselies airport and the surrounding logistics and commercial zones, is also situated at the heart of a junction of first-rate tourist spots such as the Bois du Cazier, the Photo museum, the Val de Sambre and the Eau d’Heure complex.

Launched in The Hague in 1936 and still a family enterprise today, the group’s business started from the idea of offering travellers fixed-price meals on a terrace next to agricultural business. The well-known toucan, which is the emblem of the group, recalls the fifth restaurant which was picked by the founder for one symbolic guilder and which included a small zoo. The Van Der Valk group’s first establishment in Belgium was built in 1958 with the opening in Brasschaat of the first 20-room motel on the occasion of the World Exhibition.



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