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Best Western Residence Cour St. Georges

 A Classic hotel in the very heart of the old city 

In the very heart of the historical centre of Gent, in front of the City Hall and the Tourist Office is situated the Hotel-Restaurant St. Jorishof - Cour St. Georges.

The monument of the Cour Saint-Georges dates back to 1228 and is considered to be the oldest Hotel in Europe. It presents a rich historical character. During the 15th century the General-States of Flanders held their meetings there. It was also there that, on the 11th February 1477 Mary of Burgundy, daughter of Charles the Bold, signed the famous "Grand Privilege", historical charter assuring to all Flemish cities the privilege of their independence and the right of legislation.
A spacious Gothic Hall, with a monumental chimney of unestimable value - a sheer gem of Flemish primitive art - is jealously preserved there. It is in that very hall that the Princess Mary of Burgundy offered a banquet to the Ambassadors of Emperor Frederick III, on April 27th 1477, when they came to propose to her on behalf of the Emperor's Son.
On that occasion the effigy of the Lion of Flanders, symbol of Liberty of the City, was carved into the monumental mantlepiece.

Many of the illustrious personages who honoured the city of Flanders stayed at the "Hotel Cour Saint-Georges".
Also Emperor Charles the Fifth regularly came to stay there during his reign, and Napoleon I, emperor of France, spent there the nights of the 2nd and 3rd February 1805.

The necessities and requirements of modern life, compelled the present proprietors to enlarge the establishment by annexing two 18th century houses : House "De Groote Scaec" and House "Serlippens".


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