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When you step through the doors of 'T SANDT hotel you are striding into serveral hundred years of Antwerp history. In early days the first customs duty office was here.  In later years the building housed a soap factory, a hotel and a fruit import company.  Today, 'T SANDT is a unique neo-rococo monument of the mid nineteenth century.
In 1981 the building was awarded "a protected monument" title.  In 1993 being the year of Antwerp "cultural capital of Europe", the history of the building is written once again with the opening of a four star congress center and hotel 'T SANDT.  Where possible, the original style has been preserved, but modern comfort received special attention.  The exclusive character of 'T SANDT is beyond reproach in the heart of Antwerp.

Hotel 'T SANDT houses 12 suites and 2 apartments all with their own carefully chozen names.  The duplex apartments arre quite special.  No residence is similar to another.  Every room has a personalized color and lighting style.  Even the smallest detail was tailor made.  What else can you expect in this charming hotel, all modern accommodation is present.
The restricted number of rooms enables us to cater to your very own special needs and requirements.  You will be
amased how soon you'll feel at ease and at home.

Top of the bill is our cathedral Penthouse, a luxurious suite looking over the oldest gothic church in the Netherlands.  Inside, the eye-catcher is the old winch wheel.  In previous times it was used to lift heavy burdens such as bales with all kinds of trade merchandise.  This complete winch is one of the best preserved in town.  During the summer you can fully enjoy, on your private terrace, the beautiful music of the cathedral carillon.  So you don't have to rush in the roaring city center.
You can receive you visitors in a separated guest room.  The Cathedral Penthous is also a perfect location for you receptions.  The smaller equivalent of the Cathedral Penthouse is the Cathedral Suite.

In addition to our hotel accommodation, 'T SANDT also has four multifunctional conference rooms.  All are equipped with up to date communication equipment.  Not only your congresses or seminars will take place in perfect conditions ; this is also a first class location for banquets, party's, product presentations, press conferences for 12 to 150 people.
Each of these rooms have their own character and you will experience the atmosphere of the twenties with a blik to colonial times.  You will enjoy the cuisine with its exotic food.  The "Knight Vic Gentils" room was once the workshop of this famous artist.  The gallery is reserved for short running exhibitions.

A beautiful Italian garden in the heart of the city of Antwerp.  The Piazza Juan Cortez is the ideal setting for a tea break or a moment of relaxation.  In fine weather conditions you just move your party outside.  The soft murmuring of the fountain soothe you.  The garden is not the only resting point in 'T SANDT.  There is nothing like a nice drink on the rooftop terrace.  Or this book you wanted to read for such a long time.  Especially with the tones of the carillon as background whisper.

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